Tucked away in Fairfax, California lies a hidden gem, a haven for those with a discerning eye for fashion. The boutique, a symphony of style and individuality, offers a sartorial sanctuary for men and women alike.

Upon entering, the shopper is greeted by a curated selection of clothing and accessories, each piece handpicked for its exceptional quality, unique design, and trend-setting allure. From bold statement pieces that make a powerful fashion statement, to timeless classics that transcend seasons and trends, the boutique caters to a diversity of tastes.

But the true magic of this boutique lies in the ambiance. The atmosphere is warm, welcoming, and unpretentious, inviting the shopper to immerse themselves in the fashion experience. The staff, a team of experienced and knowledgeable individuals, are always on hand to offer styling advice, assist with fittings, and accommodate special orders, ensuring that each customer's unique style is given the attention it deserves.

Hi there! I'm Gerry Kelly the founder of SONAS,  I'm originally from Dublin, Ireland. 

Fashion has a special place in my heart. I love the idea of helping people express themselves through their style and standing out as unique. So, I decided to dive headfirst into the world of fashion. I scour the globe for unique and stylish pieces, and curate looks that are both classic and timeless.

Fashion isn't just a job to me, it's a lifestyle. I love being able to connect with the most fascinating and inspiring individuals, tapping into my own creativity, and constantly pursuing beauty, uniqueness, and self-expression. It's my passion and my dream, and I plan to live it every day for the rest of my wonderful life.

I love helping people find their style.  

P.S. On another note, we don't use any animal products in our fashion line.  First, we're animal lovers and we don't think it's fair to sacrifice animals for fashion and second, my wife's an animal rights attorney, so it wouldn't go down to well, and as they say, "A happy wife, is a happy life 😃.

However, we do sell "Re-Loved" leather shoes & boots.  One of our core values is to never use animal products in our line, with the exception of pre-owned items that deserve a second chance. 

Hit me up with any questions whatsoever, the easiest way to connect with me is through my email gerry@sonasdenim.com

Our mission is simple - To help you look and feel sexy, stylish and unique.

Come visit our store at 10 Bolinas Road, Fairfax, CA 94930.