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Hey Guys,

I'm Gerry Kelly, pronounced "Jerry" 😃 founder of Sonas San Francisco, thanks so much for checking out our website.

A bit about me, I got my start in fashion when I designed my own clothing for the Burning Man festival because I couldn't find the clothing I wanted, so I made my own. 

In my experience it's hard to find cool men’s clothing stores in the San Francisco Bay Area, so I decided to open my own store and specialize in unique, fashion forward men’s clothing. So guys like you and me can find kick ass men's clothing & take our style to the next level. 

Sonas focuses on dynamic yet timeless designs and detailed tailoring, using only high-quality materials. Our style is a cross between Rock N Roll & Burning Man. 

I firmly believe that fashion should be an affordable luxury for everyone. That's why Sonas San Francisco designs come at fair prices.  Hit me up with any questions whatsoever, the easiest way to connect with me is through my email

Our mission is simple - To help you look and feel sexy, stylish and unique.

Come visit our store at 10 Bolinas Road, Fairfax, CA 94930.


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